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Our Tradition

When Viola Barrios opened her first restaurant in 1979, she set aside a part of her earnings and possessions to help improve the lives of people in her home town of Bustamante in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. From early in her childhood, she recognized that there were people in need. This realization shaped her view that anyone can make a difference in their community by sharing what they can. That those acts of charity can make a world of difference for those in need. For Viola, charity was a core tenet of her faith.

“It's through timely financial help that a life-altering difference can happen.”

Viola Barrios' legacy of giving to those in need of a helping hand is the model by which Viola’s Huge Heart Foundation adheres to. The scholarships offered help students pursue educational opportunities that would be lost due to their family's financial circumstances.

Every Gift is Important

Since its inception in 2008, Viola’s Huge Heart Foundation has worked to create a community-based network of collaboration between the donors, educational institutions, corporate partners and itself to stimulate the funding and awarding of scholarships. Those scholarships directly improve and advance the learning opportunities of students whose academic potential is restrained by family finances.

Viola’s Huge Heart Foundation has awarded scholarships to a high quality high school education to Abigail Issarraras, allowing her to attend Incarnate Word High School, and to Daniela Portiollo allowing her to attend Providence High School, both in San Antonio. Every single gift to the current campaign advances the Foundation's capacity to help more and more students.


Viola's Huge Heart Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity with one mission, to develop students who excel into the next generation of leaders who will benefit the community. We work towards this goal by providing full ride scholarships and guidance for their continued success. You can help support our mission in a variety of ways, including right now via PayPal link below.

Credit Cards

Ways To Give

The Foundation welcomes gifts and donations from individuals or families in any amount. The process is short and simple. Donations can be made in the name of the donor or the family by check or through PayPal. Honorariums and Memorials are a special way to honor and remember someone on a special occasion. We ask you to consider these important ways of giving.

Cash Gifts Made By Check or Credit Card

The gift may be a one-time gift or the gift can be amounts given periodically by the month or by the quarter, for one year or more. This method allows the donor, over time, to build a larger contribution.


The donor makes a gift commitment typically lasting over a three to five year period.

Gifts Through Partnership Events

The Foundation partners with corporations and educational institutions in promoting scheduled fundraising events during the year. The Foundation raises funds through the sale of food or other products and through silent auctions at the special event. This is one of the ways the Foundation uses to engage community participation in the funding of quality education for young scholars who need financial assistance.

Full Four-Year Scholarship

A donor can fund a complete four-year scholarship.

Tribute or Memorial Gifts

A donor can establish a legacy gift to honor or memorialize an individual.

Planned Giving

Every gift is a gift of grace, whatever the size of the donation. Viola's Huge Heart Foundation welcomes all gifts that support the education of our youth. A bequest is a life-altering gift and one of the simplest, most direct ways to make a gift to support Viola's Huge Heart Foundation's educational mission. A bequest in your will is fully tax-deductible for estate tax purposes. You may arrange for the Viola's Huge Heart Foundation to receive:

  • A specific dollar amount or percentage of your estate.
  • Specific property such as real estate, retirement accounts, stock or securities, mutual funds, certificates of deposit, savings accounts, life insurance or personal property.
  • All or a percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been met.

You may make a bequest to Viola's Huge Heart Foundation by preparing, through your attorney, a new will or adding a codicil to your present will.

To discuss Planned Giving options with Viola's Huge Heart Foundation or to notify the Foundation of your bequest intention, please contact Foundation Representative:

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