The Selection Process

Viola's Huge Heart Foundation works with various schools throughout Greater San Antonio, to identify students in need. Our goal is to help the identified student with the creation and funding of a scholarship for a term of three to four years to aid with tuition and other qualified school associated expenses.

We do not distribute funds directly to individuals, nor do we identify the student in need. Funds distributed from the Foundation may only be used for purposes that would cause the payment to be considered a qualified scholarship under Section 117 of the Internal Revenue Code (tuition, enrollment fees, books, supplies and equipment that are required for the course by the educational institution).

Qualification Process

Any nonprofit school that has a candidate in need, considering the qualifications below, may apply to the for aid in creating a scholarship for the candidate. The Foundation's preference is to work with parochial schools in the San Antonio area, but this is not a mandatory requirement. The terms of any scholarship created by the school with funds being contributed by the Foundation must have the following requirements:

• The student must maintain a "B" GPA average (80 average).
• The student must be in need of tuition assistance.
• The scholarship will not exceed a length of four years of assistance be used for the payment of tuition and associated school expenses.
• The board of the foundation will assess the character of the proposed candidate based on interviews with the student, his or her parents or guardian, teachers, etc.
• The student must be available and willing to participate in any promotional campaigns or advertisements held by the foundation regarding his or her scholarship.

Considering the above criteria, the we may elect to aid the selected school in the funding of a scholarship for the identified student. There is no guarantee that a scholarship created by a school will be fully funded by the Foundation. If the Foundation agrees to contribute to a scholarship created for a student, the Foundation will have the sole and exclusive right to determine the amount of funds to be contributed to the scholarship.

Partner Institutions

Viola's Huge Heart Foundation works with some of the greatest academic institutions in San Antonio to help award students a world class education, all while preparing them to be tomorrow's leaders of their community.